Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flood Watch - 2011 - My Backyard - The Situation Worsens

I haven't been posting much (especially book reviews) or keeping up with my Google Reader because the flood situation has gotten much worse. Anxiety is high, patience is thin and nerves are getting frayed.

The house is still high and dry (for now), but I can't say the same for our yard. We are not completely surrounded by water yet (unlike some of our neighbours), but we might be by the time this thing is over.   Our sump pump is going like crazy and we have two other pumps standing by.   We still don't have plans to sandbag (that could change any minute), but we have been out helping with sandbagging other houses.

Two nights ago our front yard filled with water and covered part of our driveway. It's getting deeper by the minute and is now coming in from different directions. Our side yards have been filling up for a few days and will more than likely flood our sheds. There's even more water on the way.

I have tons of photos to share, but right now it's taking up too much of my time to post them. Maybe when things calm down a bit.   The crest should happen in a few days, but the water is likely to stay around for weeks.   Not good news. 

I have a couple of book reviews that I promised I'd have up for the 4th. I will be posting these on time.

Once this flood situation is more stable I hope to get back to more book reviews.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. Good luck with that flood situation. I really hope things start to dry up before the water reaches your home.

  2. I hope and pray that the flood situation subsides. Take care of yourself and your property..book reviews will wait. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best. Hang in there.

  3. I'm thinking of your everyday and hoping for a break for you.

  4. Continued prayers for you Marie. I hoping that it subsides and doesn't get any worse. We've been following the story here too and I think of you every time they do.

  5. How awful, Marie. Terrible when you can only sit and watch it getting worse! I hope the water retreats soon. Good luck!

  6. Checking back in an hoping for improvement.

  7. Hi!
    I sure hope everything evens out soon. Our rivers and creeks are still high for a few weeks ago. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Here's a little update: Our house is still looking ok. The river is still on the rise and won't peak for a few more days. Overland flooding is still occuring so more of our yard is being swallowed up. Our driveway is mostly impassable by foot, so we are using the neighbours yard to get to the house. It won't be long before that route is cut off. I'm looking forward to getting a pair of hip waders!

    Other neighbours are not so lucky. Some have water in their basements and are using multiple pumps in an effort to keep the waters at bay. A few of them are using ATVs to get over their driveways, others are using canoes!

    Anyway, that's it for now. I can't wait to get back to normal and start reading the great books I have waiting for me. I'm looking forward to getting caught up on blog reading. I hope all of you have been reading some good books.

    Take care.

  9. How terrible that you can just sit there and wait. Hopefully this flood will be over soon.

  10. Hope your house stays dry!


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