Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flood Watch - 2011 - My Backyard - Quick Update

Last week we had a brief, but major, panic attack after we saw that our neighbour had sand bags stacked in his driveway. The bad thing was that this neighbour is further away from the river than we are. We figured if he needed sandbags, we were in trouble because it looked like the river would have to go through us to get to him. After some quick phoning around, we discovered that he is indeed a little lower than us and has the sandbags just in case. I hope he doesn't have to use them.

The forecasted peak levels on today's flood sheet/report are well below the record levels set in 1976. In fact, they are about 8 feet lower. That's good news for us. Having said that, there is some precipitation on the way that might negatively affect the predication. Also, there still hasn't been a lot of runoff (according to the report) and tons of ice remains on the river. That means ice jams, which could cause the water to rise rapidly, are still a big concern.

Predicted crest is still weeks away: April 28 - May 7. Waiting is not fun.

I'll post some photos of the yard early next week. With some warmer weather predicted for the weekend, we should have a lot less snow.

Disclaimer: If you came here for information about the Manitoba Flood 2011, you've probably come to the wrong place. This post (or series of posts) will focus only on my backyard and house. If you are looking for general information regarding the flood, try the Government of Manitoba website, which can be found here or here for more area specific information regarding the Cartier, St. Francois Xavier and Headingley areas.

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