Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Trees

All of the trees are up, so I thought I'd share some photos.

Our main tree. It's artificial, but loses "needles" just like a real one. *sigh* As you can tell, I come from the "the more the better" school of Christmas tree decorating. My motto is simple: if I can see the tree, there are not enough decorations on it. That's not to say that other more-sparsely-decorated trees are not lovely. It's just that in our house, for our tree, I simply cannot edit the decorations. I need to put them all on and then buy more. And people (make that sane people) wonder why it takes us two weeks to put up the tree. By the way, the same over-doneness goes for lights, too. 7' tree = almost 2000 mini-lights.

As for the stripes of different coloured decorations (from the top: pink, silver, white, gold, red)? Call it too much time on my hands a few years ago when I had this bright idea to do something really different. We've tried a few different variations, but always come back to this one.

Our second tree. It's new this year. The inspiration comes from a post from Cindy over at Cindy's Love of Books. Because it started out as an experiment, we created it in a mostly unused part of the house...the partly finished third floor book storage area (hence the raggedy carpet). Anyway, we like it so much that next year we will either finish the area (to be the third floor office/library) or build the tree where we can enjoy it more. Thanks Cindy!

Third, Fourth and Fifth. Three little artificial trees we bought at Walmart for 99¢ each. The funniest thing is that the assembly instructions say to spread the branches so that they look natural. To top that off, one of them is bright pink. Nothing natural about that. This one is sitting on our kitchen table, while the other two adorn our bathrooms.

Anyway, that's it. Have you put up your tree yet?

Happy Holidays!


  1. Hello, I stopped by your blog today. I love the book tree. What a great idea.

  2. Marie I love your first tree. I think the colors work well and it looks so pretty. I am in total awe of you and your trees.

    LOL and I see I helped you with a new one too. Glad I could help and honestly I think I will be making a book tree very soon. I have to many books and not enough place to put them.

    Happy HOlidays

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ann. When I saw Cindy's post, I knew I had to make one.

    Thanks Cindy! We do go a little overboard, eh? Anyway, without you and your post there would be no book tree. Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your trees, especially the book tree! It turned out fab!!

  5. Hmm that first tree is way too full for me, but it works very well, actually!

    I love the book tree, you did very well there.

    We haven't got our tree up yet - we were planning to buy new baubles (or maybe even a new tree) but haven't do so yet).

    I bet you're getting into the Christmas atmosphere now. I'm not (yet).

  6. Thanks Jonita. The book tree was so fun to do. We had no idea how many books we'd need or how tall it was going to be. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Judith (leeswammes). Then, I guess that adding two train track about half way up would be overkill? That's what we did about 4 years ago. We loved it, but even we thought it was a bit too much. The Christmas atmosphere is definitely picking up here. Good luck with your tree!

  7. Love the trees especially your big one. I love the idea of the different stripes.

  8. Thanks Darlene. That one was fun to do also. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!


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