Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's How you Play the Game by Brian Kilmeade

Inspirational, funny, touching, powerful, informative. All of these words could describe, “It’s How You Play the Game” by Brian Kilmeade.

Whether you’re an avid sportsman, athlete, parent of an athlete or just looking for some good life lessons, you’ll find something of interest in this book. It’s chalk full of stories about amateur and professional athletes and how they tackled life on and off the field/pool/pitch/diamond/balance beam/race track etc.

I'm not an athlete nor do I have children in sports. However, thanks to this book, I can really appreciate the sacrifices and challenges these athletes have faced and endured. Inspirational, for sure.

I do have one complaint about the selection of pictures. I’m very visual and usually don’t forget a face. However, I don’t always remember the name of the person. That being said, I had a hard time putting names and faces together because the pictures weren’t current or weren’t ones I was used to seeing of the person. While it was nice to see different ones and “older” pictures, I would have preferred ones that I’d recognize.

Otherwise, a nicely put together book and a very interesting read. Recommended.

My husband got this from HarperCollins First Look program. This is our review.

Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin

Michael Tolliver Lives is funny, thought provoking and touching. Maupin has created some memorable, exceptional and vivid characters to go along with an equally outstanding storyline. I read it in just a couple of sittings and truly enjoyed it.

Michael “Mouse” Tolliver lives indeed. Despite having HIV, he is living his life. He readily admits to others that he is “positive”. In his world, it’s a necessity to let others know. “Mouse” is surrounded by an odd bunch of characters each with a story to tell.

You don’t have to have read the other books in the “Tales of the City” series to enjoy this one. I haven’t read them. Now that I’m finished this one, I’d like to check them out too.

Recommended for Tales of the City series fans as well as those looking for an all-round good read.

[Please note: Some sexually explicit content may offend some readers.]

This book is from HarperCollins First Look program.