Friday, October 21, 2011

The ABCs of Me

I don't usually do memes. However, when I saw this one on Cathy's blog, Kittling: Books, I figured I'd give it a shot. Here are the ABCs of Me:

Age: 47

Bed Size: Queen. The plan was to buy a King when we got to the new house. Didn't happen.

Chore that you hate: I hate housework. You do it, then two months later it has to be done all over again. What's up with that? I do as little as possible and live in a dusty house.

Dogs: Nope. No cats, either. Achoo! Love them both dearly, though. We had dogs and cats when we were growing up, though. Cats: Tina, Duchess. Dogs: Sandy and Oscar. We were thinking about getting a pet despite the allergies, but I'm not sure I want to put up with the hair. (See Chores you hate).

Essential start to your day: A good night's sleep. I love mornings. It's quiet. I love being outside before the rest of the neighbourhood starts making noise.

Favorite colors: I like all colours. I wouldn't necessarily wear a particular colour or paint a room that colour, but all colours have some merit.

Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold. I prefer brushed metals. I don't particularly care for shiny things...except my diamond ring.

Height: 5'5".

Instruments you play: Flute. I played (mostly carried it around) in Grade 7 band class, but didn't take it up again until after age 30. I took lessons and played for about 7 years. At that time, I wasn't progressing as much as I wanted to and was mostly bored with it. So I stopped. Cold turkey. I haven't picked up the thing in a few years. I still love it, though.

Job Title: My official job title is: Make-Work Project Coordinator. I manage the Honey-Do list and break (unplanned) things around the house so that my husband has to fix them. It doesn't pay, but it keeps me busy.

Kids: None.

Live: Cartier, Manitoba, Canada.  It's a rural municipality, not a town.  Up until two point five years ago, I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where I grew up.

Mother's name: Sophie.

Nicknames: MeMe (as a toddler, it was all about me), Moody (college, I was and still am).

Overnight hospital stays: Pneumonia when I was <5. Tonsils out when I was around 5. Nothing since.

Pet Peeves: Lots...people who are perpetually late...those who say they are going to do something, then don't...the misuse of the word "myself"... to name a few.

Quote from a movie: "For all the times you pulled my ears?" (Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Roger to Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) after Eddie apologized for pulling Roger's ears for the umpteenth time).

Right or Left handed: Left.

Siblings: Four. I'm the youngest. Well, I sort of share that "honour". I have a fraternal twin sister, but she was born 10 minutes before me so I still consider myself the youngest.

Time you wake up: Lately, usually about 8:30am. I used to wake up around 7am and loved having an hour or two to myself before my husband rolled out of bed (he's retired). I've been having a little trouble sleeping consistently lately, so I've been sleeping in.

Underwear: Ummm...yes.

Vegetable you hate: Hate is a strong word. Let's just say I dislike celery. It's a little too stringy for my tastes. A few years ago, I found out I was allergic to it. Nothing major...just a little sneezing. Now I don't have to make myself eat it. I love it when things work out like that.

What makes you run late: I'm usually not late. I'm an early bird. However, we've recently met some people who are more relaxed about time, so we've mostly adopted that same attitude when dealing with them...5pm generally means 5:15pm or even 5:30pm. I'm not that crazy about it, but I'm learning to go with the flow.

X-Rays you've had: Chest, neck, ankle, probably others ones I've forgotten about. Do ultrasounds count?

Yummy food that you make: I love to cook, therefore, I cook a lot. Nothing gourmet...just good homemade food. I mostly follow recipes, but I'm not afraid to improvise or change the recipe to suit my tastes. Some of my favourites are: homemade tomato sauce, creamy sausage and peppers with spaghetti, scones, pizza, shepard's pie, homemade pie.   

Zoo animal: Not fond of zoos. I like seeing the animals and I realize that zoos do a lot for conservation and protection, but still it bothers me.  

That's it for now.   This was fun.  I really enjoyed reading other blogger's answers, too. I've even made up a few of my own ABC questions. I'll be posting those at a later date. What are the ABCs of you? If you want, you can put your answers or links in the comment section.


  1. It was so much fun to read this!

    I feel the same way about zoos, to tell the truth. I get a much bigger kick seeing animals in the wild. At least the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum looks the least like a zoo of anyplace I've ever seen.

  2. I'm a little (just a little?) behind in my blog reading so I just now (Nov. 1) got around to reading this. I learned some new things about you. It was so interesting I think I'll try filling it out myself. Watch the blog for it in the next couple days.


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