Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Needlework Tuesday - 2 Finished Projects

Needlework Tuesday is an occasional post detailing my needlework and/or crafting projects.

I really didn't knit (or craft anything) over the holidays, so here's a couple of projects I finished a few weeks ago. The newest project from the Mary Maxim's Knit Club of the Month was an oversize cowl knit on 20mm needles. Here's the completed project:
Despite the humongous needle size, it really wasn't too bad to knit and only took a couple of hours to complete. I should have got my husband to take a photo of me knitting with the needles, but I was done before I thought of it. The cowl is warm and cozy, but I haven't worn it yet (with the exception of a minute or two to take the photo). It's nice that the project didn't take too long because December is quite a busy month. Overall, I'm happy with the project.   Now that I have these huge needles, I'm thinking of making another cowl.  ;)

The second project I finished was a cabled scarf for me. Here's the finished project:

Again, overall I'm happy with the result.  I had used a mixture of some old (rolled up in a tight ball, recycled from a failed project) and new yarn (still in the original skein).  If you look really closely (in person) you can see where I started with the new yarn, but it really didn't turn out too badly. 

On one hand, I like knitting scarves. Generally, I have the pattern down pat after a little while and after that it's more of the same.  I like repetition. On the other hand, though, about halfway through I'm bored and I'm ready for something else. I have to force myself to pick it up again and complete the thing. That even happens when I have another project or two on the go. Oh, well, it's done. 

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather over at Books and Quilts.   I don't know if she'll have a post up with week because of the holidays, but if you've done any crafting this week, please head over to Heather's blog and use the Mr. Linky to link up your post, so other can enjoy your creations.   If there's no post there and you'd like to share, you are welcome to leave a link in the comments here. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Both gorgeous projects:) I knitted my first scarf this past month, and I see what you mean about getting bored and ready for the next project when you are about halfway through

    1. Thanks Katie! Congrats on your first scarf! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Happy New Year.


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