Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flood Watch - 2011 - My Backyard - And on it goes

Yesterday, we finally had a day off from sandbagging. After many days, it was great to get some rest, but it was weird to not have to throw on my boots in the morning and slog across the water to get to command central and get the "assignment" for the day.

It was a pretty much quiet day and had it not been for our fluctuating power/telephone, it would have been more restful.

Fluctuating power? Yep, like we needed something else to worry about. The power started acting up Thursday afternoon. Only half the house was effected, so we could still plug a few things in, like the extremely important sump pumps, septic pump and water pump. We still had to do without heat or hot water (the power did come on overnight and briefly the next day) until yesterday when the electrician came back and strung a new main line (through chest high water), which will have to be trenched into the ground once the river recedes. BIG Cha-ching.

The electricians and Hydro figured that the mainline somehow got nicked. It could have been done when the geothermal was installed last year or when the flood proofing was done years ago. It sat like that until the water table came up with the rising flood waters. It wasn't caused by the flood directly, but the flood did make the problem show up.

I swear this is never going to end.

As I write this, the controlled release/breach is underway. For those out of the news area, the province has decided to deliberately cut through a section of the dike to relieve pressure downstream, where we are. The argument is that a controlled breach will flood an area much smaller than an uncontrolled one. Our area is not in the smaller inundation area, but it is in the larger one. For our sakes, I wish them luck.

A big thank you to the neighbours/volunteers who helped raise the dikes around our house and the few who helped move our freezer out of the basement! You guys are wonderful.


  1. Eek, a controlled flood sounds scary too. I mean, there must be a number of houses affected by it? How awful for them. But I hope it means you'll be out of the firing line completely after that.

    Again, good luck.

  2. Thanks Judith. A controlled flood is very scary. Water has so much power it's hard to imagine how they are going to control it.

    150 homes will be affected with the controlled breach, compared to 800 with the uncontrolled one + a major crucial highway. Anything can happen. We are a little better off, but still not out of the woods.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. I have been glued to CBC Newsworld for days and hoping that you are safe. It has brought many tears to my eyes with concern for so many.

  4. Scary stuff all this flooding. Seems like a lot of North America has too much rain and melting snow. We don't usually flood where I'm at (Chicago) but I have noticed the local rivers have been very high... and the Mississippi River on the other side of the state is causing problems too.

    Stay safe. I don't like the sound of 'controlled' flood but what can you do.

  5. Thanks everyone. It's a sad time for the whole province. It sounds like the controlled flood is doing what they expected/wanted so far. There's even word this morning that a smaller area will be effected. A lot more water is coming from the west and still has to work it's way past the stressed dikes. Good weather and lots of luck is just what we need.

  6. Hi!
    Sorry to hear about the electrical problems. Hoping it all gets worked out soon. Hang in there. Have a great day!

    Just Books


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