Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner

Sometimes sisters can be very much alike, but other times they can be very different. Such is the case with Rose and Maggie in In Her Shoes. One sister is thin, beautiful, dyslectic and flighty while the other is not-so-thin, not-so-beautiful, intelligent and dependable. The author presents a light-hearted, romantic and funny novel with some rather touching moments.

The storyline was shallow at times and not always that believable, but it was still a decent read and entertaining. A few times I cringed at the parts I considered to be crass and vulgar. Honestly, I’m not a prude, but occasionally things like this bother me, especially when they don’t fit with the rest of the story and appear to be gratuitous. Those parts were not at all to my liking. However, thankfully they were few and far between and the rest of the story was very readable.

As far as characters go, I liked Rose more than Maggie, but I really didn’t like the main characters that much at all. Ella was ok, I guess. I much preferred some of the members of the “supporting cast”. Mrs. Lefkowitz was a hoot, while I found both Simon and Lewis to be loveable.

While there was a movie made from this book, I haven’t seen it nor do I intend to. I really don’t care for movie tie-in covers because I like to determine for myself what the characters look like, but in this case I really didn’t mind that much.

I haven’t read anything else by Weiner, but I do have another book by her around here somewhere. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll read it before I send it out into the world.

I’d probably recommend this book to chick-lit lovers. You could do worse.

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