Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - One and a Half Socks

It's time for another instalment of "Needlework Tuesday", which I first saw over at Heather's blog, Books and Quits.

Thank God for the Tim Hortons Brier. It gives me plenty of time in front of the TV to knit without feeling guilty.

During the week I managed to finish one sock. Here it is on my foot:

I made a few changes to the pattern:

1) Shortened the shaft of the sock by one inch. I like short socks.

2) Modified the toe a little for two reasons:

  • a) Even though I made a shorter sock, I could see that I was running out of yarn (so not cool Patons!).
  • b) The pattern looks like it made a long tapered toe. My toes are short and stubby and I like my socks to be snug around them. The only problem is that they may be a little too snug and may start to wear more in that area. I'll have to wait and see or wear and see as the case may be.

Here it is off my foot:

I love my new sock!

I also managed to start the other one. I'm just about to shape the heel and turn the corner on this puppy. With lots more curling to come this week, I shouldn't have a problem finishing it.

As for my next project, I thought I was going to make another pair of socks. However, I'm a little tired of writing about socks, so I think I'll save that one for later. I have some other yarn I picked up and have an idea for a light scarf I'm dying to try.

I didn't do anything with the yoga socks or quilt yet. That'll wait until after the Brier. Go Martin.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to visit Heather to see her wonderful work.

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  1. Love the socks! I haven't braved making a pair yet. I'm not sure I have the patience. lol.


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