Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CSN Stores Product Review - My New Bookcase

I got a new bookcase! It's it nice.

This one is my latest purchase from CSN Stores. I first saw this bookcase on another blog (I can't remember which one just now), but I really liked the colour and style of it. It didn't hurt that it had many glowing reviews on the CSN website.

It was a little stressful when the box first arrived. The courier with his big truck will not drive down our driveway because he's afraid that the overhanging tree branches will damage his truck. We've already trimmed them back a couple of times and while some big trucks have ventured down the driveway, this guy won't. Anyway, this box weighed a ton (slight exaggeration) and he carried it the +375' to our door. Did I mention it was winter? I know it's really his choice, but I still felt really bad. I probably won't be making any more big (as in heavy) purchases in the near future.

Anyway, my husband and I have assembled a few pieces of furniture like this before, so we knew what to expect as soon as we open the box. The instructions were easy to follow; all of the pieces were present and clearly marked. Overall, the bookcase was very easy to assemble. We have run into trouble in the past with furniture like this from other companies. Sometimes the milling of the holes are just a little off and the piece will not go together. However, I can gladly say that each and every hole was placed exactly where it should be.

I was surprised that I didn't have to pay international shipping costs. This is a huge bonus. Had I know this I probably would have ordered it sooner. I saw that it was manufactured in Canada, but I've heard that some things are made here, transported across the border to be sold. They then make their way back to Canada at a premium price and additional shipping costs. Sad, but true. I'm happy to see that's not always the case.

My one little disappointment was that the wood scratched easily. We managed to put in a few very minor scratches while we were assembling it despite being very careful. I bet the ebony colour doesn't help. Anyway, we were able to disguise them with the black marker that was included in the package. It looks good as new.

Eventually, this bookcase will make its way to our newly finished basement. Until the flood risk has passed, though, it's going to stay in the master bedroom. For the time being, I've loaded with it a few books, boxes and baskets to see how it's going to look. I love it! It's really going to be great for oversized books, like the ones published by Dorling Kindersley (DK).

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.

For more information about this bookcase, please visit the CSN Stores website.

Disclaimer: I received a coupon/gift certificate from those nice people at CSN Stores that partly covered the cost of this item. I tried to present an honest review despite that fact.

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  1. Great shelf. We've been on a shelf buying binge lately. Will have to do a post about it shortly. It's so good to have all those books off the floors finally.


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