Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - I love my Socks

Welcome to this week's instalment of "Needlework Tuesday", which I first saw over at Heather's blog, Books and Quits.

Even though I didn't watch as much of the Tim Hortons Brier as I thought I would, I still managed to finished my other sock. Here's a photo of the pair:

The first one is on the right; the second, the left. As you can see, the pattern created by the variegated yarn is quite different on each. It doesn't bother me too much. I love them!

I finally had time to address my ill-fitting yoga socks. On the weekend I washed and agitated them in hot water as Heather suggested to make them felt and shrink a bit. I didn't have much luck. Maybe I didn't do it correctly or long enough. I also tried a hot dryer to no avail. I went back and re-read the label for the yarn I used. Hmmm...I didn't notice before that it said "washable wool". I'm guessing that means it won't felt or shrink. Well, darn. That's ok. Even though they are a little big, they are still comfy and I'll get a lot of use out of them.

I haven't started any other projects this week. We are still working on painting/renovating the living room and kitchen as well as worrying about the impending flood. The progress on the living room is slow, but we finally picked out new carpet and blinds. As for the kitchen, the new countertops will be installed tomorrow. The excitement is building.

I might have a little time this week to start something new or pickup an older project to work on (like my quilted wrap). We'll see. Until next time....

Go check out Heather's update which features boxers, quilting and embroidery. She's been busy!

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  1. YOur socks look terrific. Wonder why they look different? I have had the same thing happen, though with another brand. Oh well. Left sock right sock. I'm on to embroidery for a change. Will see how long till I pick up some knitting needles for that hat pattern I found....


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