Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Skirt

Heather over at Books and Quilts posted a photo of her tree skirt and asked others do the same. She suggested that we share our story about the tree skirt.

So here goes... I've never had a nice tree skirt.   For years, I used an old bedsheet. Then when my husband's mother moved into a nursing home and we were cleaning out her house, I came across a Christmas-themed round tablecloth. No one else wanted it since no one (including me) had a round table. I knew immediately I was going to use it as a tree skirt.

To make it work, I cut a long slit from edge to the middle, then cut out a small circle in the middle. Just enough to fit around the "trunk" of our artifical tree.

It's not beautiful, but it hides the tree stand and lighting cords.   Maybe one day, I'll have one as nice as Heather's.    

Here's it is:

I guess I could have straightened it out a little before taking the shot.  Oh, well....

If you post a photo of your tree skirt on your blog, be sure to visit Heather's post and add your link to Mr. Linky.

Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of the tree and a few other Christmas decorations we've put up.


  1. it works! nice to have made use of the tablecloth

  2. The blue is a nice change for Christmas. Your skirt looks lovely under the tree.

  3. Those a cute snow people on your tree skirt. And the bonus of recycling a tablecloth that was being unused. Lovely. Thanks for sharing the story.

  4. This is so much better than our plastic! Happy Holidays!

  5. Very creative - and lovely. I had a teddy bear tree skirt that I bought when the kids were babies. The dog ate it last year. :) I really wasn't too sad. I now have a beautiful red velvet skirt with white trim and glittery snowflakes. Much nicer.


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