Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas Decorations - 2012

Tami over at Just One More Thing... posted some photos of her lovely Christmas decorations.  She asked if others could post photos of their decorations.  

I don't usually decorate a whole lot for Christmas. I almost envy those who do, until I remember that they have to put all of that stuff away and store it for 11 months of the year.  Last year was an exception: we had 5 Christmas trees (the one pictured below, one made out of books and three tiny ones). 

My photos are fairly close up so you can't really see the much of the house at all. I didn't really do that on purpose.  However, I didn't finish putting back all of the boxes yet, so maybe I did it subconsciously so I wouldn't have to clean up.  ;)  

The Tree

This year we only put about 1/5 of the decorations on the tree.  We usually fill it so full you can barely see the tree.  However,  I didn't feel like doing more. It sits in the dining room.

The Nutcracker collection

My husband got one for Christmas a few years back. It then just took off from there. Generally, we find one or two on sale after Christmas to add to the collection. This year, we found some nice ones for a decent price before Christmas, so we bought 4 or 5.  That'll probably be it for awhile.  They sit at the bottom of the stairs.   You'll notice that there's 13...eek.  We can't have that, so there's a nutcracker candle in cellophane on the window ledge. 

The Mantle

...on the fake fireplace.  Yes, those candles are also still in cellophane. They are too pretty to burn. Maybe one day...  I usually put the nativity set on the mantle, but this year I wanted to do something different.   It needs a picture hanging behind the Santas or something else to fill up that blank wall.  I'll have to think about it.    

In addition to these, we have blue outdoor lights on the front part of the main floor of the house and two sides of the garage.  Those are the parts that face the road.  We also have some "tomato cage" trees in the windows of the third floor. This last addition is thanks to Tami who posted some on her blog. Mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as hers did. I'll have to use her picture for reference next year. Sorry, there are no pictures of these decorations. 

Well, that's it.
Merry Christmas!  

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in. If I lived closer I might swipe that Santa on your mantle. :) I dont have any nutcrackers, but now I'm thinking I need some.


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