Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Knitting, Knitting and Knitting.

I've been in a knitting mood lately. I'm thinking it's partially because of the colder weather and partially because I have a new project to work on.

The first thing I've been knitting is my temperature scarf. I'm completely up-to-date and am really liking how the colours are going together. As you can see, I'm into the greens now.  Yesterday we were less than a degree away from a blue (that's Brrr...) and tomorrow we might actually get back into a yellow. Yay! It'll only last a day, though, but I'll take it. Here's a small snippet of the scarf:

I've also been making good progress on my sweater. I'm just about to start decreasing the stitches for the arm holes on the back. Here's what I've done so far:

I fixed a mistake I made in the beginning (because of a mistake in the pattern) and then went on to start the cable section on the back of the sweater. I love cables. They look complicated, but aren't. They are almost like magic! I managed to screw up one of them by doing a C4B, C4F instead of a C4F, C4B. By the time I found it, I had already done a row and a half past the mistake. Somehow, I managed to fix it without undoing a whole lot of work...only 2 half rows. Amazingly, I can't tell where the fix is.   I'm really pleased about how quickly it's knitting up.  Instead of starting the front next, I think I might tackle a sleeve.  They are all ribbing and as much as I like cables, I think I'll need a little break once I finish the back.   

I'm having so much fun knitting that I'm going to try to a third needlework project, but just a small one. Many moons ago, I picked up some Bernat Boa for less than a dollar each. I've already made the orange into a hat/scarf set, I'm thinking I'm going to make another set in either white or blue. I'm hoping to have time this week to at least start one of them.

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  1. I love doing cables as well. You can use a simple yarn/wool and how ever you do the cables, they look great. Love how your sweater is going. you were right when you said there was a lot of ribbing at the waist. I do try to keep myself to two knitting projects at a time, though i'll admit, it can be difficult at times. I haven't knit with boa, what's it like to work with.

    I`m a week behind on my temperatures scarves, though it doesn`t take much to get up to date. Yours is looking great. I do think that today will add a new colour.

  2. Your sweater is going to be beautiful! I love the color. And no matter what you say, those cables have got to be complicated. :)

    Knitting seems like such an appropriate craft for fall - I always picture myself curled up by a fire, knitting away, but my knitting skills are nearly nonexistent.


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