Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Needlework Tuesday - My New Sweater!

Other than keeping up on my temperature scarf, I didn't really do much in the way of needlework...until yesterday. When the sweater kit I ordered from Mary Maxim arrived. 

I really had a hard time deciding on the colour, so I went with a Dark Rose, the one pictured. I'm not a girly-girl, but for some reason I wear a lot of pink.  I was hoping that it was going to be more on the red/raspberry side of the colour spectrum, but nope, it's definitely dark rose...pink. Oh, well. Like I said I wear a lot of pink, so it'll fit right in with my wardrobe.

I couldn't wait to get started, but the pattern intimidated me within 5 seconds of opening it up. I've made sweaters before, but not for a number of years.

Here's the problem:
  • I really don't understand the gauge instructions. I know how to check my gauge (although I rarely do it), but this one is overly complicated., at least when I read it.  I decided to skip it and hope for the best.  
  • The pattern uses stitch markers. I haven't used them before, but after a quick Google search, I found out that it's really straight forward, so that's one less thing to worry about.  I'm going to use some cute paperclips and/or dental elastics instead of buying some. 
  • There's a mistake (at least by my calculations) on the first row!!!! of the pattern. Sheesh. I couldn't figure out exactly what the instructions should have been, so I just ended up purling a few more stitches on the end of the row. That had me worried about the rest of the pattern, so this morning I pulled out my calculator and went through a number of the other rows to make sure I understood what to do and to make sure that the stitches added up correctly. So far, so good.
Not a good way to start what I was hoping was going to be a fun, relaxing project.   I'm hoping it's going to get easier once I get into it.  I remember when I knitted my Aran Fisherman's sweater a number of years ago, I ran into all kinds of obstacles, but I eventually overcame them all...by myself.   If needed, I have a couple of neighbours who are avid knitters, who might be able to help if I run into major problems. 

The yarn feels really nice and so far it's been easy to work with.   I love that the Mary Maxim included a plastic zipped bag to hold the yarn while I'm knitting.  I imagine that it could also be used to store my cardigan once it's complete.   I also ordered the pewter buttons for this sweater, but I'll show them once I'm more into the project. 

Anyway, here's what I have done to date:

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather over at Books and Quilts.  Today she's posting about her temperature scarves.  She's even thinking about doing two more!!!! 


  1. Your sweater looks good so far. I find it very satisfactory to get the ribbing done and then move on to the next step. On my screen the red looks quite berry like.

  2. Beautiful color - and beautiful work, of course. Can't wait to watch the progress of your sweater.


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