Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tangled Thursday - Jar Full of Tangles

Tangled Thursday is an occasional post on this blog. Heather at Books and Quilts is hosting these challenges in which we share our latest Zentangle inspired creations.

This week Elaine asked us to create a "jar full of tangles".   There are many different ways to that I could have approached this, but here's how I interpreted it:

Tangles:  Hollibaugh, Mr. E, Tipple, Poser, Bales, Knight's Bridge 

Please excuse the blueish paper (I was trying to use up a piece of scrap card stock), my wonky jar (I should have used a real jar for reference), and my inept shading.   I somewhat managed the in front/behind thing with the spheres, but I wouldn't work that in with making them round-ish.  Oh, well.  Something to work on. 

Next week, it's my turn to pick the Zentangle challenge. Have we done a "winter" theme yet? Since this crappy winter weather doesn't seem to know when to go away (we're getting another brutally cold blast of it this week and next), I think we should take this opportunity to do a winter theme. I'm hoping it's going to warm up soon and this will be our last chance!!! *she says with a hopeful sarcastic grin* I hope someone will let me know if we've already had a similar challenge. I do have something else in mind if that's the case.

Be sure to check out the other "jar" creations on Books and Quilts.   If you'd like to join us, please do so by linking your post to the Mr. Linky on Heather's post.


  1. that's a great interpretation Marie. They remind me of giant marbles. I don't think we've done winter theme yet. I'm like you, I don't want more winter. The cold would be tolerable if it weren't for the crazy wind. Thanks for linking up for Tangled Thursday.

  2. I love it! I thought of using the jar outline, but not the spheres inside. Very creative. And I think your perspective and shading are great.

    Winter....that's a good theme. We're getting the same blast of cold air and snow down here, so I should surely be able to come up with a "chilly" zentangle.


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