Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Win Socks for Life from Yarn Canada

Recently, I was made aware of Yarn Canada's Win Socks for Life! contest. It's open to residents of both Canada and the U.S. For details and a link to enter, read on.  There's a deadline for entries, Wednesday, December 7, 2016, so read quickly.

Here's the press release from Yarn Canada:

Win Socks for Life! Well the yarn, you’re on your own after that.

(Vancouver, BC) “To be fair, it’s actually only a 25 year supply, so we can only hope the winner dies early to keep me an honest woman.” - Nikki Smith, VP

After extensive research discovered two key issues which continue to plague the world which we’d like to help bring to an end.
  • Some people have hobbies other than knitting (idiots) 
  • Other (marginally insane) people buy socks at Costco
With one final blow we’ll give someone years of knitting and make it so they never need to succumb to Fruit of the Loom again.” - Robert Matherson,

Don’t want to use all the yarn to make socks? That’s okay, no hard feelings.

Yes, some marriages may end as the winner ignores her husband in a multi-year knitting frenzy. But that’s simply a risk we must take. On the other hand, maybe getting non-terrible socks for Christmas could bring families closer together.

The prize will go to whomever can show how their life will most be changed by winning and what you will do with the prize.

Anything could happen:

I’ll use the yarn to start a knitting business on Etsy!” - Beth C, Winnipeg

My friends always get together to watch The Bachelor, but goodness it’s boring, now I’ll have something to do to keep me distracted.” - Janet G, Toronto

Honestly I have no self control. With all that yarn I’ll knit non-stop, stay up for days and miss work. I’ll get fired, not be able to pay rent and get kicked out of my apartment. But… I’d have so many socks!” - Samantha T, Vancouver

I’ll knit them all up as fast as I can and give them to charity.” – Nicole

Whatever the reason, let us know why knitting is important to you and how a lifetime supply of sock yarn would change your life.

Look here read more about the contest and to enter: Enter to Win a Lifetime Supply of Socks.

Of course, I've already entered. Did you see all of the yarn?

Here's what I said:

"Socks for life? If I were to win, I'd probably kiss the delivery man and then have a smile on my face for weeks delighting in all of that yarn. It would be like heaven!! Seriously, I knit every day, but can't imagine I'd be able to use it all in my lifetime. Perhaps, I'd share a few skeins with friends or maybe donate some to a school or senior centre."

Since learning of the contest, I've been surfing the web looking for projects that I'm going to make when I win. I'll probably make a few pairs of socks, of course, but I'm also eyeing a scarf, a shawl (surprise, surprise!!) as well as some fingerless mitts, and a hat. Sock yarn is so versatile that the sky's the limit when it comes to projects.

So, what will you make if you win? Need ideas? Check out ravelry.

How can you resist?

Really? You're still here? You are probably wondering how to sign up for their newsletter, right? That's easy, go to Yarn Canada's website. Now you are wondering is Yarn Canada is on social media? Yep, they're there, too: Yarn Canada on Facebook and Instagram.

In case you missed the link to enter the contest, here it is again: Enter to Win a Lifetime Supply of Socks.

That's all I got.  Go enter the contest. Or better yet, don't! All of that yarn is mine! Mine, I tell you! Mine!!!  :)   You'll have to excuse me now.  I have to go put on a little lipstick for when the delivery guy gets here.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about this contest. I just started knitting socks a year ago but I love making them (and my husband loves wearing them).


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