Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Needlework Tuesday - Scarf, Hat, Scarf

Needlework Tuesday is an occasional post detailing my needlework and/or crafting projects.

This past week, I worked on two knitting projects: the latest one from the Mary Maxim's Knit Club of the Month, and a new one. (I didn't get around to fixing/ripping out the fingerless mitts.  Darn!  Forgot about that one.)

I managed to fix the hat I wrote about last week. There was a problem with the pattern and it wasn't turning out quite right. As it turns out, it was a misplaced "*". That wasn't the only problem with the pattern. It called for a 24" circular needle. However, I couldn't get the stitches to join in the round on that size, so I used a 16" circular needle instead. Much better.

I also encountered a problem with the scarf. Even though I followed the pattern, the loop on the back of the scarf (to thread one end through to hold it in place) isn't wide enough to accommodate the width of the scarf, so it doesn't lie flat. It's knit into the scarf itself, so the only way to correct it is to rip the whole thing out. Not happening at this point.  I'll just pretend it doesn't exist.

Despite having a few problems with this project, I'm sort of happy with it.

Short story about the photo: I had showed my husband the scarf after I was done because I liked the patterning. I hadn't mentioned the matching hat. I figured he'd figure it out when he saw it on my head. Silly me. So, the first few photos he took featured only the scarf. He completely chopped off my head because...hat? What hat? It didn't even occur to me to say something until he showed me the shots he took. This is me doing an eye roll and pointing to the hat.

I also started another project. Another scarf from Shibui called Multigrain. It's supposed to be a one-colour scarf using three different yarns. However, when I bought the yarn (on sale), I couldn't find enough yarn in any one colour so I decided to improvise. I'm the three different yarns (as the pattern suggests), but two different greens. Here's the start of the scarf and the other yarns:

I'll explain more about how the different yarns and colours are used when I get to those sections.

I really shouldn't have started another scarf because I already have one on the go, two if you count a lacy shawl that can double as a scarf...one I've been working on for way too long.  This new one will make three.  Dumb idea! Scarves are so, so, so long and I'm easily bored. I've been trying to do a little bit on all three every day, but I might have to start another project or two to break up the monotony. Mitts? A summer top? Another shawl? I have yarn and patterns ready to go for all three, but I'm not sure I can juggle another project without letting one or two slide. I'll have to see how the week goes.

How many projects do you have on the go at one time? Not counting UFOs. I mean actually working on, say, at least once or twice a week.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather over at Books and Quilts.    If you'd done any crafting this week that you'd like to share with others, please head over to Heather's blog and use the Mr. Linky to link up your post, so others can enjoy your creations.  

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  1. The hat and scarf set is lovely. The addition of the pompom really tops it off.

    I tend to have too many project going at once. Usually 2 knitting, one that I don't have to pay too much attention to. Same with quilting, two that I actively work at. Once the planning and pattern figuring is done and the stitching started, I tend to get bored. a cabled afghan for my father was almost torture. Loved the end result, but boring as heck with no colour nor pattern changes to look forward to.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.


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