Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat is a collection of cartoons featuring Simon's cat, naturally.

The book is hilarious. If you have a cat or know a cat, you'll likely recognize many of these scenarios. Ok, so a few of them are slightly exaggerated, but only a little.

I'd never heard of Simon or his cat before this book made the rounds on the book blogs. I love cats as much as the next person (make that cat lover) so I figured it was going to be something I'd like. As it turns out it was especially good for me. Cats make me...make me...m..ACHOO! Even though I think they are the most fascinating domestic creatures, I can't have one in the house. Having this book around is almost like having a cat. I said, almost. There's definitely less hair (even though my hair seems to get everywhere, no cat hair means no sneezing), no scratched furniture, no litter box to clean, no disgusting cat food to scoop out. Hey wait a minute! This book is BETTER than having a cat around. ;) Just kidding. I love cats and this book.

I can't wait to follow Simon's Cat on YouTube.

Highly recommended.

For more information about this book, please visit the Hachette Book Group website.

For more information about the author, please visit The Official Simon's Cat Website.

I won this book over at A Sea of Books. Thanks Gwendolyn. I'd also like to thank those nice people at Hachette Book Group for sponsoring the giveaway.

Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield, Grand Central Publishing, ©2009. ISBN 9780446560061(Paperback), 240p.

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