Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something New!

My Wreck This Journal adventure is on hiatus this week in order to give you a sneak preview of my next project: How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith. In case you missed it, here's my review.

The thing I love the most about this book is that because the book isn't "wrecked" like in Wreck This Journal, I can do the Explorations again and again and again if I want to.

Exploration #9: Case of Curiosities
Collect objects that you do not understand or have meaning for.
Alternate: Miniature Museum Collect only very small things. Store them in a mint tin or small box.

My Results: I chose to do the alternate on this one. I'm still in the process of finding small objects, but I've collected a few as you can see in the photo. The box has a lid and dividers to keep everything nice and neat. I've even included a slip of paper on which the Exploration text is printed.

Exploration #18:Structure
Document part of a building(s) that most people ignore (examples include the ceilings, bathrooms, corners, closets, and the insides of drawers). Pay attention to the hidden places.
Alternate: Document the corners of your home.

My Results: Our bathroom has outdated and worn facets/fixtures. Once upon a time, I'm sure they were nice and even now they have a certain appeal. I picked these because eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) we are going to have them replaced and I wanted to have photos to remember them by. I've assembled the photos on a scrapbook page.

That's the preview of my next adventure. Next week I hope to return to my Wreck This Journal adventure. After that I may alternate between the two or do some of one then some of the other. I'm going to play it by ear.

See you next Sunday.


  1. I seemed to have slipped in Wreck This journal and really need to post what I have done. I feel so bad since I started this and kind of left you hanging.

    Anyways I also have this book and hoping to start going through it in July to do some write ups.

  2. very cool pics and collections. I will have to check this one out.

  3. Cindy,
    Don't worry about it. I'd love to see what you've done. Post whenever you can.

    Thanks. It's another time suck, but fun. ;)

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by.


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