Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - Snake Ecdysis

When we first moved from the city to a more rural area, I was pretty skittish about the creepy, crawly, slimy-looking things I was finding in the yard. Bugs of all kinds, frogs and lots of garter snakes. While I still don't like to be surprised by these things, I'm getting used to a few of them...sort of.

Yesterday, while I was checking out the yard (the little that isn't flooded), I found the results of a snake ecdysis (shedding) in the grass. I think it's amazing! My husband was extremely surprised that I picked it up and moved it to an area more suitable for photographing it. I'm sort of surprised, too! I've come such a long way.

Anyway, here are two photographs of my find.  I've also included a photograph of a garter snake that I took awhile ago.  

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  1. Oh, No, no, no! No touching of snakes - dead or alive. No photographing of snakes. Kill them. They all must go! :)

    Ok, I'll try to be more reasonable about garter snakes, but you're much braver than I if you weren't shaking too hard to snap a picture.

  2. I'm not so bothered by the skins, but definitely not enthusiastic about live snakes. :) Great photos!

  3. That's an interesting shot. Does the skin stay soft or was it dry and brittle?

    I'd be doing the same thing... taking photos whether it was alive, dead or just skin. We don't have many snakes here in the midwest. As long as they don't sneak up on me I'm ok with them.

  4. Very interesting. I, too, wouldn't be bothered with the skin, but don't like the snake itself so much. The thing here in Texas is that the snake itself would likely not be a garter snake, but a rattler. Me and snakes - not friends. LOL

  5. We don't have any snakes near us - at least I doubt there are any - maybe grass snakes, but I've never seen any. I would be scared of a live snake but the discarded skins are fascinating

  6. Hi!
    Great snapshots! I used to play with garter snakes when I was a kid. Carried them around in my pocket. They are a useful snake to have around. They eat mice. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  7. I'm like Alyce, the skin doesn't bother me, but I give the live snakes a wide berth.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Tami, you crack me up. I still don't like snakes that much, but like I said I'm learning to live with them.

    The snake skin is dry, but not that brittle or fragile. I guess if you handle it a lot (which I'm *not* about to do) it might break up, but otherwise, it staying pretty much intact (so far).

  9. I'm terrified of snakes. I'm glad you warned me there was a picture of one coming up or I probably would have shrieked in the library!

  10. Okay, I'm shivering here! LOL

    When I don't think of it as snakeskin, it is kind of amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, but leave the snakeskin home, okay?

  11. I have to agree with a couple of the comments above, the skins are o.k. but the snake is not so good. Although I think a garter is probably not so dangerous. My brother use to chase us around with them, silly boy. I remember one time when my little guy was playing and the dog went bonckers, and she pinned him against the wall, of course I'm freaking out and then we saw why? There was a snake in his sand box, she protected him.

  12. I looked at your photos very quickly.
    Snakes. No, sorry could not live where they are.

    Saying that a friend of mine had a grass snake in her garage last summer in the middle of town. Rare here in UK


  13. I'm not thrilled with the idea of snakes either, but we don't have many in the UK so that's okay. The closest we get in our garden is the slow-worms in the compost heap. Fascinated to see the discarded skin you found though! But would not like to meet its owner...

  14. Even a photo of a snake, interesting as it may be, is too close for comfort for me. Definitely not a fan of the species.


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