Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Needlework Tueday - Sky Scarf

It's been so long since I posted a Needlework Tuesday. That's because I really haven't been doing any needlework or any other crafts for that matter. However, on May 1, I started a year-long project that I wanted to tell you about. It's called the Sky Scarf from Leaf Cutter Designs.

Basically, you look up at the sky, pick two colours that you see, (for example, blue for the sky and white for clouds) then knit two rows using two strands of yarn (one for each of those colours). If you do this for a whole year, you'll not only have a year-long record of your weather, but you'll also have a 5-foot long scarf to wear.

The instructions give you some guidelines as to which colours to use. I had planned to follow their guidelines (with the exception of snow), however, I think I've already screwed it up a couple of times. I couldn't tell if the colour on the sheet was light grey or white, so I guessed. Now, I've changed my mind. It doesn't matter though because I'm only 8 days in. No one is going to notice that the first inch may not be correct. In fact, I probably won't even remember after the scarf is done. I set up a few of my own guidelines to make it easier for myself and make it uniquely mine, but basically I'm following the instructions as given.

Here's a photo of my scarf so far:

...and a close-up:

So what does it mean? Well, all of that white means we've had some cloudy days, but not necessarily rain. About 6 ridges up (that would be May 6), we had a rainy day with some dark grey clouds. Pretty cool, eh?

I love this idea because it's unlike anything I've seen before. It reminds me to take notice of something that is unappreciated or, at least, underappreciated. The Canadian prairies has two things in abundance...flat land and tons of sky. Even though our house is surrounded my tall trees, less than a kilometre from here there's open farmland. I bet I can see for 25 kilometres in any direction. Here's a photo taken not far from my house:

Isn't it glorious?!!

How often do you look at the sky and appreciate what you see?

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  1. You have a good start already. and yes, I agree, one thing we have a lot of in Canada, is weather. Thanks for joining for Needlework Tuesday.

  2. This is such a cool idea! And I'm jealous of anyone who can knit. I keep practicing, but I stink. Can't wait to follow your progress.

  3. love your space ..
    happy following you..:)
    do stop by mine sometime
    Tasty Appetite

  4. What a great idea! This looks like it would be a lot of fun to do. It'll be interesting to see the final product especially with summer and storms coming up soon. Well I hope anyway. Our weather lately still feels like winter. I hope yours is better.


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