Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tangled Thursday - "S" for Spring

Tangled Thursday is a new occasional post on this blog. Heather at Books and Quilts is hosting these challenges in which we share our latest Zentangle inspired creations.

This week it was my turn to suggest a challenge for the other participants. Since spring is here (it's supposed to be anyway), I thought working with the letter "S" was appropriate, yet vague enough to allow for lots of variation.  All of the tangle patterns we used this week had to start with ‘S’. I had some great ideas when I first suggested this challenge. Yet, when I sat down to draw, I drew a blank and forgot them all!!! I racked my brain, but couldn't remember anything. Sheesh. Anyway, I did my best. I figured it was time to learn some new tangle patterns, so all of these are new-to-me.

Tangles: Sand Swirl, Snaylz Trayl, Snookums, Showgirl, Schway

Tangles: Scrawlz, Sez, Zinger

I realize that Zinger does not start with "S". However, I was so unhappy with this one, I almost abandoned it.  Besides turning it on it's side, I added colour, shading and Zinger to rescue it. It's still not my favorite.

By the way, I remember my ideas now. I was going to do one tile with rain drops for all of the rain that was forecasted (but never materialised) and another with waves for all of the water that was in my backyard because of the ice jam we had a couple of weeks back. Oh, well. Maybe I'll be able to use those those ideas for another challenge. Just to add insult to injury, while I was drawing these tiles earlier this week I had a great idea for the next challenge. It was so awesome and I was actually excited about it. However, do you think I can remember it now??? Nope. It's gone. Getting old sucks.

Be sure to check out the other "S" creations on Books and Quilts.   If you'd like to join us, please do so by linking your post to the Mr. Linky on Heather's post.  


  1. you did a great job of both tiles. I can live with 'z'inger and red, perhaps should have been silver, we could call the colour 'sweet red'.

    This was a fun challenge as it was wide open with just that one wee condition. Thankfully there are lots of 's' tangles.

    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.

  2. Great minds must think alike - We used almost all the same tangles. You also used a couple that I experiemented with but couldn't master. Yours turned out so well that I'm encouraged to keep trying.

    I love your second drawing - even if it's not your favorite. The vine-type pattern is beautiful. I tend to like things that are outside the Zentangle "box" - outside the standard tile.


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