Monday, March 9, 2015

Plain Killing by Emma Miller

In Plain Killing, Rachel Mast and her cousin Mary Aaron discover the body of Beth Glick, an Amish girl, floating in the quarry. Beth had left the Amish to join the English world, so it's not clear why she's back or why she's in Amish clothing. As it turns out, Beth isn't the only Amish girl they are concerned about. A few other girls have left and have never been heard from again. Beth's family along with the rest of the Amish community aren't keen on talking to the police. So it's up to Rachel, who used to belong to the group, along with Mary Aaron to help the police get information from the community to solve the case.

I really enjoyed this book, the second in the series. I don't really know much about the Amish or the Plain lifestyle, so I was particularly fascinated by the details about Old Order Amish life. I can't say if it was factual or fictional, but the information was definitely interesting. The cousins' adventure in New Orleans was especially exciting. It didn't seem like a probably scenario, but it sure was fun to read about.

It was fun to read about Rachel's interactions with the Amish. She's no longer belongs to the community, but because she left before being baptised and hasn't been shunned, the Amish people (with the exception of her mother) still confide in her and give her vital information, which she passes onto the police to help with the investigation.

Even though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone book. I have the first one in the series, Plain Murder, on my to-be-read shelf, but I haven't read it yet. I probably should have read them in order, but this second one jumped out at me first.

Highly recommended for cozy lovers.

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Plain Killing by Emma Miller, Kensington Books, ©2015. ISBN 9780758291745(Advance Uncorrected Proof), 282p.

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  1. I love reading series out of order :) I know it drives some people nuts, but I like the challenge. This sounds like a good one. The Amish lifestyle is fascinating to me. I'll look for this one. Thanks for the recommendation.


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