Saturday, November 17, 2007

Missing Witness by Gordon Campbell

In Missing Witness, Travis Eddington is murdered. His wife, Rita and his daughter, Miranda, were the only other people in house at the time. Juan Menchaka saw the two leave the house; Rita was carrying the gun. Shortly thereafter, Miranda, who’s a troubled little girl, goes into a catatonic state and is hospitalized. Travis’ father, Ferris Eddington, a wealthy rancher, wants Dan Morgan to defend Rita because Morgan is the best lawyer around. Rita swears she didn’t do it and it’s up to Morgan and the newest addition to the law firm, Douglas McKenzie, to defend her.

Campbell’s legal thriller is fantastic. I loved it! It’s faced paced and simply hard to put down. The story is finely crafted and filled with great characters and plenty of twists and turns. I was mesmerized until the very end. The story is told in the first person through the eyes of Doug McKenzie who’s known the Eddington family since childhood. Campbell sticks to the story and doesn’t include any unnecessary tangents or flashbacks. It’s pretty straightforward, however, the story gets a little complicated at times because of the rules of law. The author does a great job in leading the reader through those parts. Even the acknowledgements at the end of the book are interesting. Loved it all!

I love books written in the first person and this book is no exception. I’m sure writing all the events from one person’s perspective and having that one character in every scene presents a challenge for the writer, but for me it’s a joy to read. It’s interesting to see how the author manages to get all of the information across through that one person. I love it.

There just so much I love about this book. If I write anymore, I’m going to reveal too much of the plot.

I’d definitely recommend this book. I hope to read many more books by this author.

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