Friday, August 14, 2009

Dying for Mercy Giveaway - Winners

Congratulations to Hannah and Cheryl! Both will be receiving copies of Mary Jane Clark's "Dying for Mercy". They have been notified and their addresses are already on the way to Wiredset.

By the way, I recently finished this book and will be posting my review shortly. I loved it and hope the winners will, too.

Here are the answers to the three questions I asked:
Q) What's the name of the protagonist in "Close to You" and "When Day Breaks"?
A) Eliza Blake.
Q) Her biography says that "Mary support causes close to her heart, including research for a cure or treatment for fragile X syndrome". There's a specific reason why Mary is interested in Fragile X syndrome. What is it?
A) Her son has the syndrome.
Q) Who is Mary Jane Clark's former mother-in-law?
A) Mary Higgins Clark.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and to everyone who entered. Also, thanks again to Kat at Wiredset for allowing me to host this giveaway.

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