Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wreck This Journal - The Guts Part III

I'm really starting to have fun with this despite not having much time again (we are still painting). Anyway, I managed to get a few pages completed or started in my journal. Here are this week's accomplishments:

This page is for Handprints or Fingerprints. Get them dirty then press down: This was fun to do. I used two stamping ink pads and my pinky to get the prints. I had a little trouble coming up with things to make them into. I also had trouble removing the ink from my fingers.

Make a Paper Chain: I added some colour to the page. I'll probably leave it as is with every second section coloured rather than doing them all. If you remember from last week, I refused to cut up this page because on the back side was the page for fruit stickers. Anyway, I made the chain out of cardstock and then flattened it so that I could close the journal.

Close the Journal. Write/scribble something on the edges: I knew I had to do this page soon because it was already having trouble closing the journal. I wasn't sure of what to write, so I settled on "Books Just Want to Be Free!!", the tag line of Bookcrossing. On the other side I wrote the website URL:, which just happens to be my favourite website.

Cover This Page in White Things: A work in progress. I cheated a little by first adding some blue cardstock so that the white items would stand out. It's also going to absorb some of the glue that I'm using. I learned the hard way (on the stamp page) that the glue can seep through several pages while it's drying.

Create a Non-stop Line: Another work in progress. I'm getting really tired of this one. Can you tell? I'm torn between quickly finishing it up and putting it away for a few weeks to come back fresh and eager to do it right. Hmmmm...stay tuned.

Write a List of More Ways to Wreck This Journal: No explanation necessary. Purely spontaneous.

Links to other updates: The Beginning, Part I, Part II.

Update: Don't forget to check out Cindy's progress at Cindy's Love of Books.

See you next Sunday for another exciting update.

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  1. I am late posting my review again. It will be up some time tomorrow.

    Looks like you are having fun with the journal..LOL


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