Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wreck This Journal - The Guts Part IV

I didn't have a very productive week and only worked on a few pages. Too many other things going on right now. I'm still having fun, though. Anyway, here's my update for week 4 of my journal wrecking adventure:

Sew this Page:I really didn't know what to do with this page when I started out and it really shows. I'm not happy with how it turned out. A mish-mash of stitches going higgly-piggly all of the page. I've stopped here because the page is getting quite soft and I fear that it will rip with any more handling. Did I mention that paper is not easy to sew? It's so unforgiving. I mostly let the needle guide my way. It obviously couldn't make up its mind as to which way to go. I've added a few buttons (sewn on) and a few straight pins as fillers. My favourite part of this page is that I left the needle in the upper right hand corner, right next to the picture of the needle. It's still threaded. I still need to get the page back into the book.

Trace the Things in Your Bag (or Pockets). Let the Lines Overlap:I selected a few items from my purse and traced them here. I coloured in a few of the overlapping sections. I'll probably leave it here rather than add more colour. The page features four things I never leave home without: my casino card, my worry stone, my house key and of course, my marvellous Midol (labelled pain relief).

Collect the Stamps off of All Your Mail: I've added enough stamps to cover the pages. Now I'm just wondering how to finish it off.

I also worked on Write One Word Over and Over and Cover This Page Using Only Office Supplies pages. We went grocery shopping, so the Collect Fruit Stickers Here page got a few more stickers. I'll include photos of these at a later date.

Links to other updates: The Beginning, Part I, Part II, Part III.

See you next Sunday for another update.

Happy Easter.


  1. its looking great. I really must post about my daughters progress on her journal. this week she had daddy drill a quarter size hole through the whole thing so she can hang it from her belt when she's at school. my son saw it for the first time and he roared with laughter. You'll understand when you see the photos.

  2. Marie you got a lot done. Congrats. I didn't get much done with son being sick, easter and easter break. I didn't get a chance to post this week because I am commited with reviews so next sunday will be a double packed Wreck My Journal entry.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks.

    Heather, I'm looking forward to seeing your daughter's journal. Sounds like fun.

    Cindy, I can't wait to see your work. I hope your son feels better.

  4. I'm enjoying reading these posts (sorry I haven't commented sooner). I wanted to do this too, but am feeling too busy to commit to another project. I love the tracing one particularly!

  5. Hello!

    Shannon here, Heather's daughter, also have the journal. I just adore what you did with the "Sew this page" Great idea with the buttons. And with all the stamps on the other page. I can't wait to see more of the pages, and maybe compare them to my own.

    I hope you have as much fun with your journal as I do with mine!

  6. Thanks Shann. I'm so glad you are enjoying you journal. I hope you can post more photos of your work. I'd love to see it.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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