Friday, February 4, 2011

CSN Stores Time Again!

Now that I have a cool new knife holder (see the post on January 30) in the kitchen, I still need something for the newly-finished basement, which I still haven't decided how to decorate. I could also use something for the bathrooms, both of which are about to be gutted and redone. While our house is a Victorian Queen Anne style reproduction on the outside, it's definitely more modern on the inside. Our tastes are somewhat eclectic.

Once again, I've been looking around the CSN stores website to find something interesting. Every time I visit the site, I'm amazed at what they have. Since I have a few books, a bookcase is always a possibility. However, I was also thinking of something a little more fun and funky, like some of the items in their modern d├ęcor section. Did you have a look? Doesn't that stuff look fun? Like last time, maybe something from their newsletters will catch my eye.

Anyway, I haven't decided yet, but once I get the item (or items) I'll be back to tell you about it.

Time to go shopping.

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