Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Socks and Quilted Wrap

It's time for another instalment of "Needlework Tuesday", which I first saw over at Heather's blog, Books and Quits.

I finished the socks! These yoga socks don't have toes or heels, so that the wearer can grip the yoga mat more easily. While the first sock took awhile, the second knitted up in no time. When I first looked at the pattern that said 'One size to fit average lady', I thought the socks might be too small. To me, average would be size 7 or 8. I have wear an 9 or 10. I like tight socks, so I thought they'd work anyway. However, as I was knitting, the sock looked too big. As it turned out, I was right. (Perhaps if I checked my gauge before I started, I might have been able to adjust something. *sigh*) Anyway, I still like them and will probably wear them occasionally.

Here's the photo (another self-portrait with the help of a mirror):

I also found a border fabric for my quilted wrap and attached it to the rest. Here's a photo of the whole thing:

I still need to decide how I'm going to finish it off. Batting, yes. Backing and binding, probably muslin. Quilting, not sure. I've made a couple of other larger quilts, but ended up tying them inside of quilting them because I was too lazy. I might do that here, too.

As for my next project, I'm probably going to make another pair of socks. Again from Patons. This time with toes and heels. Woohoo! I'm definitely going to check my gauge first and hopefully have socks that actually fit me.

Hopefully Heather will post an update on her socks and other projects. When she does, I'll update this post.

Don't forget to drop in on Heather's blog post this week to see how her socks are progressing.


  1. The socks look comfy. They would also be great for toe nail polish day.

    You could knot the wrap using narrow satin ribbon.

  2. I love these socks -- so cute. I HATE checking the gauge, even though I know I should. Once I'm enthused about a project, it's off I go! Glad yours worked out!


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