Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Needlework Tuesday - Temperature Scarf is done!!

I guess it's been awhile since I last participated in Needlework Tuesday.   After a year of knitting, my temperature scarf finally is done! If you follow this blog, you've probably seen bits and pieces of it throughout the year. I said that once it was done, I'd do a final unveiling. Well, here it is:

It was hard to lay out so that you could see the whole thing. That's the best I could do.   It's starts on the left with June 21, 2013 and ends on the right with June 20, 2014.   I love that it's not symmetrical, but I do wish we'd had a shorter winter (less blue) and a nicer spring (more orange at the end of the scarf). 

All of the ends are weaved into the back, however, I left some long-ish tales because I figured once the scarf is worn the ends might pull out partially anyway. They are all different lengths and don't look great, but until I figure out a solution, I left it like that. Do you know how to stop the ends from pulling out when the scarf is stretched a bit from wearing? I don't think they will pull out entirely so that the scarf falls apart, but I do fear that they will put out enough that a visible tail will be sticking out.

Because I still have lots of yarn left, I plan on starting another one right away. It's only been a few days (start date June 21), so I don't have anything to show just yet.

I'm also thinking of signing up for the Mary Maxim Knit Club of the Month. I was going to order another sweater or two to knit, but while I found some really pretty ones, I wasn't sure they'd look good on me. Why do all of their models have to be size 2? I figured the knitting club might be interesting to try for awhile because it might introduce me to some new yarns, new stitches and some new items I wouldn't ordinarily pick out to knit. I'm definitely going to talk to them first, though. I generally just knit for myself and don't need items for babies or kids. Also, just how many scarf/hat/mitts sets does one person need? I'm hoping for a good mix of items. Something to keep my hands busy while I'm watching TV. I'd love to find another "conceptual" idea, like the sky scarf or temperature scarf, however, I haven't had the time to look online. Let me know if you stumble upon anything "weird" knitting-wise. ;)

That's it for this week.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather over at Books and Quilts. If you've done any crafting this week, I hope you'll consider linking up so other can enjoy your creations.

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  1. YOur scarf if gorgeous. I haven't worked on mine in a while, really do need to get back on track. You could knit a book scarf. As you read a book, make a note of every colour as it is mentioned. when you get to the end of the book, count the number of colour occurances and calculate how many rows per instance and start knitting. I have two planned for after I finish my temperature scarves. I'm sticking with popular books so it will make sense to people when i name the book.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday .


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