Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dead Cert by Dick Francis

In Dead Cert, Alan York, a steeplechase jockey, is also a millionaire. He doesn't have to race, but he loves it. When one of the other jockey's is killed during the race, York is convinced it isn't an accident and sets out to prove it and find the killer. He's even more determined after he gets beat-up by a gang of thugs and then wakes up in the hospital with some memory loss after his own racing accident.

I love Francis' writing. His stories are complex with fascinating characters. I always learn something about horse racing and human nature from him. I get wrapped up in the story and usually don't want to put the book down. All of this is true with this book. I really enjoyed it.

Highly recommended for horse racing enthusiasts as well as anyone looking for a solid, well-written, interesting mystery. I'm so glad I have a bunch more of Francis' books to read.

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