Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Highland Fling Murders by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

In The Highland Fling Murders, Jessica Fletcher and some of her Cabot Cove friends have flown to the United Kingdom. Jessica first meets with her book publisher but then everyone travels to Scotland to visit Inspector George Sutherland, of Scotland Yard, her old friend. As one can expect, it's not long before a body shows up. It's that of a local woman who's been found with a pitchfork through her heart...just like the famous Scottish witch whose ghost now haunts the castle they are visiting.

I loved the TV series on which these books are based. While I enjoyed the whole series, I preferred the ones where Jessica lived and investigated around Cabot Cove. They just seemed more quaint. Having said that, I still enjoyed this one. The story was appealing and the characters were varied and fun to read about. It didn't seem to have any really contrived bits (that I can remember. I read it awhile ago and am now just writing the review) that I found in a few others of this series. Well, I guess the whole premise of the book can come off as contrived, but what I mean is situations or scenes where one of the characters does something extraordinary and unbelievable that just happens to yield a clue to the mystery.

Overall, this book was pretty standard for this series and quite enjoyable.

Recommended for fans of the books and/or TV show.

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