Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Mosaics

It's time for another instalment of Needlework Tuesday. I haven't been doing much crafting or needlework lately, but I wanted to show you some pieces I did in the past. I recently came across them when I was unpacking some boxes of books.  Yes, I still have some boxes I haven't unpacked from the move 2+ years ago. These were leaning against the wall behind the boxes. Anyway, as you can see they are not needlework. Heather, I promise that one day I'm going to get back to doing needlework so that I can feature it here.

Anyway, today I have photos of the mosaics I did a few years ago. All of them are made with leftover tile; some from projects around the old house or single tiles we acquired from various sources.  They are adhered to plywood and grouted with black grout. 

The green spheres making up "Canada" were supposed to be used for flower arranging. The green tiles in this piece were leftover from our tub surround in our old house.

More green tiles from the tub surround.  The lines are not as fluid as I would have liked.  It's hard to get straight-edged tiles to form a curve.   It's supposed to be reminiscent of waves and/or ripples.  [See the last piece re: my water period]. 

This one was pretty much a disaster.  I left the grout on too long and had a really hard time chipping it off after it dried.  You can see a couple of places where I didn't quite get it all off.   I don't mind the effect that much, but I never made that mistake again.   

This last one is actually the first one I did.  I made during what I call my "water period".  For some unknown reason, I was attracted to water and things associated with it.   Many of the crafts I did at this time, as well as things I bought for the house, all have water in common.   When I saw this fish image on the internet, I knew immediately it would be my first mosaic.  

I'm still working on the rain chain. I added more rings to the chain and we've laid out a basic outline for the "rock garden". We've had some really hot, sunny days here and since that part of the yard happens to be in full sun, we've been procrastinating. It's still on the list to-be-done, though.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather on her blog, Books and Quilts. There's an open invitation for other needle workers/crafters to join at any time. Please go visit her blog today. She has a wonderful memorial quilting post about her nephew/god son.


  1. I love the colors you used. Absolutely lovely! I love mosaic but I don't think I'd have the patience for it.

  2. Thanks Rikki! I'm don't have a lot of patience, either, but these really weren't that bad.

  3. these mosaics are fantastic. thanks so much for sharing them.


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