Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - Evergreen?

The flood has brought some new creatures into our backyard.  One of these happens to be a beaver.  We haven't seen this guy yet, but he did make his presence known.

One of our newly planted (last year) evergreens:

Close up of the damage:

He didn't have the decency to use it or take it with him after he chewed most of the way through it.  Little bugger.

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  1. Oh, how sad! I feel your pain - a beaver once took down our family's favorite apple tree. The apples were almost white in color and tasted like applesauce.

  2. Oh wow. How annoying not to mention rude! We have beavers by the river a few miles away. I hope none of them ever wander into my yard.

  3. the beavers are destroying a park a short way from here. as you commented, if they at least used what they chewed down.
    I'm off to a race in a few minutes. can't wait.

  4. Yow, I've never in my life even seen a beaver. What a shame the damage he did to your tree. They must be as much nuisance as the deer who like to eat plants in the yard.

  5. Ya, that looks like a beaver's handy work all right. Poor little tree :(

  6. Oh, how frustrating! Beavers can do so much damage.

  7. sad :( Thanks so much for stopping by.


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