Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - Our New Neighbours

Meet our new neighbours! These guys showed up about 1 week ago and visit us every day. They have been dining on cracked corn and a variety of mixed bird seeds. In return, they are leaving us with lots of "fertilizer", which makes walking in the yard without boots a little hazardous. We don't mind one bit. We don't get to see this kind of thing every day.

Canada Geese with gosling....

...while the others remain on shore. This pair has 5 little ones. They get bigger every day.

Another pair of Canada Geese with 6 much older goslings.

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[I hope everyone likes these photos better than the snake ones.  ;)]


  1. Great photos! Geese in water always look so peaceful to me....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Aw! They're so cute. :) Baby animals are sweet no matter what they are.

  3. I love watching these guys around here too, but wouldn't want them in my yard :) We have them at the college as there is a lake there.

  4. They're so beautiful! We have a pair of Sandhill Cranes that visit us.

  5. I love Canada Geese. Thanks for showing us these lovely families.

  6. They really are very cute... even if the adults can be quite messy! I like to go watch them at the pond near my house, just have to watch where I step.

  7. I love to watch these geese especially the young fuzzy ones. Great photos!

  8. Nice to know there's an up side to flood water. :) Wish we could get some pretty wildlife in our yard, rather than snakes.

    Enjoy them while you can - gorgeous!


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