Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Rain Chains - The Finished Product

It's time for another instalment of Needlework Tuesday. Yes, I have another non-needlework project. Back in June in this post I mentioned that I was working on a rain chain . Well, I finally finished it and the rock garden where the chain meets the ground. The rock garden could use some tweaking/jazzing up, but it's basically done.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a good before photo of the really awful downspout that was there. It didn't have much support so it sort of just hung there at an odd angle. I'm so glad it's gone.

Here are the photos of the rain chain/rock garden:

There hasn't been any rain to test it out, but we did pour some water into the eaves trough with a watering can. It looked pretty good. It remains to be seen how it's going to perform in a down pour or on a really windy rainy day.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather on her blog, Books and Quilts. There's an open invitation for other needle workers/crafters to join at any time.


  1. This is very cool. Love the little bell. Now I know what you are talking about. Thanks.

  2. Oh, I love it. I read your original post (I had no idea what a rain chain was) and immediately thought how great it would look if you used beads on it, too. Maybe, if you are a bit more experienced, you can upgrade it. You need to show us some more pics from when it's raining and the chain is doing its job

  3. Thanks you two!

    Rikki, I left the beads off for now because I didn't want it to get too heavy. Some of the binder clips were opening and breaking the chain. I figured once I got it working in the rain and I knew it was going to hold together, I would revisit the bead idea.

  4. So cool! I would say I'm hoping for rain to test it out, but maybe you've had enough water for awhile.

    I agree with Rikki - we need photos of the chain in action.

    Good crafting!

  5. I had not heard of rain chains before. Interesting concept. You'll have to let us know how it works in the rain. I can almost imagine the little bell jingling in the rain.


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