Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flood Watch - 2011 - My Backyard - This is unreal

May 6th - Morning - Did a little sandbagging at two houses across the highway. Things had calmed down quite a bit and we were told that the river was stabilizing. It did look that way. We were told that a second peak wasn't expected because of the way they were managing the river. We were planning a nice relaxing day.

May 6th - Afternoon - Got an email saying that river levels were going to rise dramatically the following week and we had 7 days to prepare. Panic!!!! From what I understand, this isn't another peak, but something else. It's not clear to me and right now it doesn't really matter.  

May 6th - Late afternoon and evening - Lots of behind the scenes (for us) action. Spent that time moving sandbags into position to get ready for bagging. Many houses in the neighbourhood were going to need it.

May 7th - All Day - Volunteers, equipment and food descended on the neighbourhood. Sand dikes were erected including one around our house. From our standpoint, things went really well. Rain is forecasted for a number of days. That is not good news.  The volunteers, neighbours, food and support staff were wonderful.  Thanks so much.

May 8th - All Day - See May 7th.

High water levels, flooded land, and wearing hip waders or boots all the time are starting to feel like normal.  Others entering the area for the first time say it looks like a war zone.   Sad times. 

More later including photos. 


  1. Stay safe! I was hoping to see a post saying the water is subsiding. I am praying the rain misses you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Looks like it's getting more serious now. I do hope your house will survive without damage or flooding.

    Good luck for the next week!!!


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