Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wreck This Journal - The Guts - Part IX

I'm still working on Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal. I got a little bit done this week, including finishing one page I had marked "a work in progress". Yay!

Anyway, here's my update for week 9 of my journal wrecking adventure:

Fill This Page with Circles: I think I added enough to this one to call it done. If I come across something in my travels that will be perfect for this page, I might add to it.

Doodle Over Top of the Instructions: When I was 5 or 6, I had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. While there, I made a friend named Ruby. I can't remember much about her except that we had tons of fun colouring in our books. Somehow we ended up making little circles (like jelly beans?) on all of the pages after we coloured the pictures. I believe it was her idea; I thought she was a genius. Anyway, I don't know what happened to Ruby, but I still have some fond memories of her. So, if your name is Ruby and you were hospitalized at the Misericordia in Winnipeg in the early 70s, this page is for you.

Doodle Over Top of the Cover: Somehow one of those companies that send out mass mailings got the idea that I had children. So every once in awhile, they send me (and everyone else on the list) a sheet of stickers with the promotional material. Up until now, I didn't know what to do with them. I only put a few on the back staying away from the "to:", "from:" and stamp areas in case I decide that I really want to follow the instructions on the back (Tape This Journal Closed. Mail it to Yourself. ) I'm not sure I trust Canada Post that much. We'll see. A work in progress.

Sleep with the Journal: Describe the Experience Here: I enclosed the journal in a Ziploc bag to protect it (and us) during the night. I figured the safest place was under my pillow. Unfortunately, I had a terrible sleep worrying about house renovations. While I couldn't really feel the journal under the pillows, I think knowing it was there added to my sleeplessness. I hope I have better luck when I try the Bring This Book into the Shower with You page. I haven't yet described the experience in the journal. I'm going to print off this picture and perhaps add a few other "sleepy" type things to the page. A work in progress.

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Shann from Illusion-Esk also has been wrecking her journal. Here's her latest update.

See you next Sunday for another update.


  1. Great work. Hey I will actually have something to post this week on my journal. I will link to yours.

  2. I love your post on this. I dare say, the pages are adorable. I'll link up to it on my next Wrecked journal blog!

  3. I love your page for Ruby! Hope she'll see it someday.

  4. Did you ever mail it? What was that experience like?

    1. Nah. I was too cheap. Besides, if it got lost in the mail I'd be devastated.


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